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Since 2000, Applied Engineering Solutions LLC has provided a wide range of quality innovative engineering design services and products to academic, commercial and military customers.

Located in the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC), Applied Engineering Solutions, LLC specializes in product and systems design research and development that spans from initial idea generation through the delivery of commercializable products.   Capabilities include:


Ø     Mechanical and Ocean Engineering
Ø     New Product Design and Product Improvement
Ø     Ideation, Concept Prototyping, and Evaluation
Ø     Machine Design, 3-D Modeling and Analysis
Ø     Fabrication and Patent Drawings
Ø     Experimental Testing Fixtures
Ø     Process and Production System Design
Ø     Design for Manufacturability & Assembly
Ø     Materials Cutting, Joining, and Forming Systems
Ø     Special Custom Tool Design
Ø   High Pressure Systems (up to 10 kilobar)
Ø   Underwater Systems and Waterproof Packaging Design
Ø       Special Military Support Systems Design
Ø   Sampling Systems
Ø   Consumer and Medical Products
Ø     Research& Development
Ø     Technology Mining
Ø     Proposal Preparation Support
Ø     Patent and Prior Art Research and Evaluation
Ø      Intellectual Property Generation

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Example of a Commercialized Product
Patented Consumer Product Designed and Prototyped by Applied Engineering Solutions LLC
Materials Forming Research

Mechanism Design

Materials Formability Studies

Materials Formability Studies

Patented Hydroforming Process and Machine Design

Underwater Systems and Waterproof Packaging

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